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Getting the Best Value in Home Phone Service From Net-Tell LLC

December 17, 2018

When a customer signs up for Net-Tell LLC home telephone service, they tend to be pleasantly surprised thateverything about their service seems the same as the phone service they have always had, once they complete the extremely easy setup. They find themselves using the same phone the same way they always have. Older people are truly amazed at how easily they are able to navigate this technological advance. Everything works as it did before, using a standard landline phone and dialing phone numbers as they always have, and receiving calls just as before, as well.

No one should be surprised. As Net-Tell LLC sees things, that’s kind of the point. They feel that saving money on phone service is only a good deal if the level of service is at least the same, if not higher. Therefore, by design, the only real difference between Net-Tell LLC and the local phone company comes with the bill, which will be exactly what you agreed on and will come with no surprises. They are able to do this because Net-Tell LLC use VoIP telephone technology to route calls over the Internet, rather than over hard phone lines, which are expensive to build and maintain.

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